Renovation Updates

November 20, 2019

Work on the building is well underway.

Thhe entire interior will be strip. The only original parts of the building toremain will be the fllor,ceiling and outside walls

Plus, they are adding concrete and someoutside walls to square off the south-east corner of the building.

During the tear-down, we discovered two supportbeams we were not aware of. Some smallchanges are having to be made to the store and Gallery 2 to accomodate the beams.

The wall has been removed from the old vending machine area.

Looking into the building. The interior walls have been removed.

Support beams on the north wall (back of the building)

Different colored paint shows where the different closets were. These were the old practice rooms.

The front wall.

Looking up where the wall meets the ceiling; you can see the old windows that were used to bring natural light into the band hall. Those windows werecovered up when the bandhall was converted ino the Board room.