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Lone Star Hotel (Other Places)

Lone Star Hotel

Location of Lone Star Hotel, 1926

This hotel originally opened as the Bender Hotel in Humble. In 1908, the Bender Brothers sold the building and opened a new Bender Hotel in downtown Houston. Lena Bender sold the Humble building to Andy Sayers for $1,000.

Lone Sar Hotel Garden

Andy renamed it as the Lone Star Hotel, and his wife, Martha Presswood Sayers, run the hotel. After Andy Sayers died, Martha continued to run the hotel (even after she re-married to Mr. O'Connor).

Lone Sar Hotel Garden

The hotel had a garden in the back that was used to provide fresh produce for the hotel guests.

The hotel was demolished during the 1940s, and a large, two-story brick home was constructed on the site by Martha's son, Matt Sayers.

Matha died in 1949.

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