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Jewel Theatre (Block 8)

Jewel Theatre today

Today (above)

Back then...

The Dixie Theatre and Roller Skating Rink, owned by R. B. Rodgers, originally stood at this location.

The Leader

The name was changed to the Star Theater in the 1920s.

Lindell Theatre
E. N. Collins was the owner in the 1930s, and it became known as the Lindell Theater.

Long-Lindell Theatre
In 1947, E. N. Collins sold Humble's Lindell Theater to the Long Theater Circuit. It then became known as the "Long-Lindell Theatre."

Jewell Theatre
Also in 1947, the Jewel Theater in Texas City (also owned by the Long Theater Circuit) was damaged during the 1947 Texas City Disaster. The circuit's owner had the Jewel Theater sign moved to Humble. Once the Texas City Jewel Theater signed was moved to Humble, the Long-Lindell Theater was renamed as the "Jewel Theatre. "

Jewel Theatre

The Jewel Theatre closed in 1980 after multiple theaters opened on Houston Avenue.
On the night of February 4, 1981, a fire quickly destroyed the complete interior of the building.

Jewel Theatre

It was eventually remodeled for use by businesses. Humble business and citizens worked to restore the original sign, and it was lighting up Main Street again in 2007.
Lawyer Patricia Garcia Billings purchased the Jewel Theatre in February 2019.

Jewel Theatre

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