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Carpenter Building (Block 8)

Carpenter Building today

Today (above)

Back then...

This land was originally sold by Mrs. Lena Bender to Lille B. and E. W Corley in 1906. Mr. Corley built a home here.
M. L. Carpenter purchased the land, had the house moved, and had this building constructed for his dry goods store in 1916.
M. L. Carpenter Dry Goods store

The left side was Carpenter's Store, and the right side was Tooke's Drug Store. In the 1920s, Tooke's Drug Store moved to Main Street and Avenue B.
In 1944, M. L. Carpenter sold the building to the Humble Grocery Co. owned by Oliver and John Frank.

Humble Grocery

The Frank's took over both sides of the store, and "updated" the outside of the building to a more modern look.

Humble Grocery
Humble Grocery

The brothers retired from the business in 1961.

Humble Grocery

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