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Pangburn Building (Block 5)

Pangburn Building today

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Back then...

The land for this lot was sold by Charles Bender to S. P. Schenberger in November 1904. A few days later Schenberger sold the land to W. E. Richey & J. C. Heaton in 1906.

The Richey Grocery Store occupied the top floor, while the Heaton-Polk Drug Co. was on the first floor.

Pangburn Building

The lot was split into an east portion and a west portion, but eventually both halves ended up in the possession of William R. Pangburn shortly after the 1912 downtown Humble fire.

This building was erected in 1914 by Mr. Pangburn, who made his own cement bricks for the building using sand hauled from the San Jacinto River. A dry goods store and a drug store occupied the first floor. The second floor was the location of the original W. O. W. Hall, where many dances were held.

Pangburn Building

At different times it was occupied by the City Cafe (owned by the Bernardino family), Dr. Sandlin's Pharmacy, by Martel Grocery, the U. S. Post Office, a furniture store, a glass company, an archery shop, and several more.

Tom Ott has owned the building since 1970. He used to run a Western Auto in the building, before opening the Humble City Cafe in July of 1995.

Pangburn Building

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