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Humble State Bank (Block 5)

Humble State Bank today

Today (above)

Back then...

This land was original sold by Charles Bender to W. E. Richey in 1904. In 1905, W. E Richey and John C. Heaton sold the land to H. L. Rodgers in 1905. H. L. Rodgers sold the land to R. B. Rodges and Jules Grossman in 1906.

At this site, Jules Grossman opened The Leader: Humble's Big Department Store.

The Leader

After the 1912 downtown fire, Ross Sterling rebuilt his Humble State Bank building.

Humble State Bank

The left half of the building became the Humble State Bank, while the right side of the building was home to the Leader Dry Goods, later known as J. Grossman's Dry Goods. J., Grossman's evenetually became Jennings Drygoods.

Humble State Bank

In later years, it was the home of Calico Corners

Humble State Bank

(The original Humble State Bank had previously been located further down the block, where the Masonic Lodge is now located.)

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