The Humble Museum owns several issues of the Humble Echo, a now defunct local publication.  The issues include several of the first years of publication, and highlight the activity in Humble through the mid 1940s, the late 1960s, and the early 1970s.  No other museum or library has this publication.

The museum staff is trying to preserve these issue and make them available online for everyone.  This is done through the University of North Texas and the Portal to Texas History site.  The scanning involved is not cheap.  It will cost approximately $4,000 to digitize the copies owned by the museum.  After digitzation, all of the issues will be available to the general public through the Portal to Texas History site.




On October 3, 2014, The Humble Museum was notified that it had been awarded a $1,000 Rescuing Texas History 2014 Grant to help preserve copies of the Humble Echo newspaper.  The award will cover the costs of digitizing 1000 pages of the Humble Echo.  At the conclusion of the digitization process, those pages of the Humble Echo will be posted on the Portal to Texas History website for all people to read and enjoy for free.

On Saturday, January 30, 2015, the Humble Museum delivered several issues to the University of North Texas (UNT) for digitization.  This included

1) all 52 issues of Volume 1 (June 1942-June 1943)

2) 49 issues of Volume 2 (June 1943-1944)...issues 47, 49 and 51 are missing

3) Volume 3, issues No. 1-12, 18-31, 50

4) Volume 5, No. 46

5) Volume 10, No. 17

6) Volume 12, No. 34

7) Volume 16, No. 9

8) Volume 19, No. 34

9) Volume 23, No. 9, No. 21

10) Volume 26, No. 40

11) Volume 33, No. 37

12) Volume 37,  No. 14, No. 19 (part), No. 21, No. 24

13) Volume 38,  No. 18, No. 33

14) Volume 39, No. 9., No. 37

15) Volume 47, No. 11 (part)

The Humble Museum also has complete issues for 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972, and 1973.  But, these 6 years will not be digitized under the current grant.   The Humble Museum will continue to raise funds and/or apply for future grants to digizite these 6 volumes.

These are the only known copies left to exist of the Humble Echo newspaper.  Any citizen that has any complete issues of the paper is asked to donate them to the museum, so that they can be preserved and enjoyed by future generations.